@CITY Events

22th/23th June, 2022 - ATC, Aldenhoven

@CITY Final Event

After more than four years of joint research activities, the project results of @CITY were presented at an official final presentation on 22 and 23 June at the Aldenhoven Testing Center.

On the test site, driving demos with ten test vehicles demonstrated a variety of scenarios of automated urban traffic. For example, various interaction situations with pedestrians and cyclists were shown. The systems developed in @CITY are able to predict the behaviour of these road users, taking into account their head and body posture, gestures and direction of movement. Vehicle sensors fused with the high-resolution digital map enable the vehicles to localise themselves robustly. At intersections controlled by traffic lights and traffic signs, at roundabouts, when passing a bottleneck and at bus stops, you will experience automated driving functions that take other road users into account.

In addition to static vehicle demonstrations and video, poster and screen presentations, interactive virtual reality demonstrations and simulations with a focus on human-vehicle interaction were presented on around 1,200 square metres of exhibition space.

Here you can find photos of the event:

14th - 15th Sept.2021 - virtual event

@CITY Plenum 2021 Online

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, this year's @CITY Plenum could not take place as a face-to-face meeting as originally planned, but was held online in a two-day virtual event with around 70 project participants on September 14 and 15, 2021.

After the presentation of the current status of the work in the individual subprojects, the focus of the event was on the planning for the final event of the project, which is scheduled for next year. On the second day of the event, workshops were held in the morning on the thematic clusters of open research questions identified on the previous day. The subsequent presentation of the group results in the plenary session provided the project participants with further, cross-thematic discussion and starting points for future research content in the field of highly automated driving.

7th - 12th Sept 2021, Munich

@CITY at the IAA Mobility 2021

In 2021, the IAA Mobility was held for the first time with a new concept in downtown Munich and at the Munich exhibition center. At the world's largest mobility platform with around 400,000 participants, innovative solutions for the mobility of the future were presented and discussed over a week.

@CITY was represented at the booth of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Among other things, visitors there were able to experience various display concepts of automated vehicles in an interactive virtual reality demo inside a bus or as a pedestrian in an urban environment.

On Wednesday, September 8, Parliamentary State Secretary Elisabeth Winkelmeier-Becker and VDA President Hildegard Müller visited the booth and showed great interest in the research content and interim results of @CITY.

26 November 2020, virtual event

@CITY Intermediate presentation

On November 26, 2020, the project partners presented the results achieved so far in a new, digital event format after just over half of the project duration.

The welcome by project coordinator Dr. Ulrich Kreßel (Mercedes-Benz AG) and the greeting by Matthias Marx from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy were followed by an overview of the overall @CITY initiative and its seven subprojects. Subsequently, the previous work of 40 speakers was presented in detail in three parallel livestreams. To give visitors the opportunity to follow as many of the interesting contributions as possible, the respective sub-project sessions were repeated in the three live streams in the afternoon. In this way, each participant was able to freely design his or her own individual program, switching between the streams as desired.

Personal exchange was also not neglected during the all-day event: during the breaks and after the official end of the event, the approximately 250 participants were able to engage in direct conversation in the virtual "café" thanks to a new type of tool via ad-hoc video chats - in pairs or also in groups.

The project partners would like to thank all participants and guests for this successful day and hope to welcome you again at the latest at the @CITY final presentation in 2022 - then again for a face-to-face meeting on site with driving demos, many interactive presentations and direct, personal exchange.

09/10 October 2019, TU Munich, Garching

@CITY Plenum

Exactly one year after the kick-off meeting for @CITY-AF, around 85 participants in the project from partner companies, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and the programme management organisation TÜV Rheinland convened on 9 and 10 October 2019 for a two-day plenum event at the TU Munich in Garching

On the first day of the event, the current status of work in the subprojects and the intermediate results available so far were presented. Also on the agenda were talks about related projects from the @CITY environment, as well as a guest talk with a subsequent discussion of the socio-political relevance and acceptance of autonomous driving. On the second day of the event, working meetings were held in the subprojects in the morning, while in the afternoon, topics relevant to all projects were addressed in workshops. The event therefore offered – for the new colleagues to the project, in particular – plenty of opportunities to share information with everyone involved in the project.

09/10 October 2018, Ulm

@CITY-AF Kick Off

Around 70 participants in the project from the 15 @CITY partners, along with representatives from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, and the programme management organisation TÜV Rheinland, convened on 9 and 10 October 2018 in Ulm for the official kick-off event for @CITY-AF, the second part of the project, which was launched in July.

The first day of the event was dedicated to presenting the topic and key research areas being examined by all seven subprojects. The evening event that followed provided an opportunity for all participants in the project to exchange information in person.

On the second day, the current status of work on the subprojects was presented. In the afternoon, networking between the subprojects was discussed and the next work steps were defined in parallel workshops

20/21 November 2017, Ulm

@CITY Kick Off

With kick-off meetings already having been held in the individual subprojects, all participants in the project convened on 20 and 21 November 2017 at Daimler AG in Ulm for a two-day kick-off event for everyone working on the overall @CITY project.

The topics covered by the subprojects, and the key focal points of the work done by the individual project partners, were presented in detail. These presentations and an intensive exchange of information in networks encompassing both the partners and the subprojects resulted in a shared understanding of the project. Furthermore, the event provided a space for the participants in the project to meet each other in person.

more events

5 - 9 June 2022, Aachen

IV 2022 - 33rd IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium

9 - 11 May 2022 - Kloster Bonlanden, Berkheim

14th Uni-DAS e.V. Workshop Fahrerassistenz und automatisiertes Fahren

29/30 March 2022, Stadthalle Erding

Tagung Automatisiertes Fahren

02/03 Dec.2021, virtual event

Fachtagung "Forschung und Technologie für autonomes Fahren"

02/03 April 2019, Darmstadt

Darmstädter Kolloquium "mensch + fahrzeug"

16/17 July, virtual Conference

13. Uni-DAS e.V. Workshop Fahrerassistenz und automatisiertes Fahren

05/06 December 2019, Berlin

Fachtagung "Forschung und Technologie für autonomes Fahren"

02/03 April 2019, Darmstadt

Darmstädter Kolloquium "mensch + fahrzeug"

06/07 Dezember, Berlin

Fachkonferenz "Forschung und Technologie für automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren"

30 Nov/01 Dez 2017, Berlin

Fachkonferenz "Forschung und Technologie für automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren"